About LaKademy

LaKademy 2012 attendees group photo.

LaKademy - Latin America KDE Summit - is a meeting of Latin American community of KDE users and contributors.

This event exists since 2012 and is a result of Akademy-Br, the only edition of the KDE Brazilian contributors meeting, in 2010. After Akademy-Br, it was clear that we should have a meeting that integrates not only Brazilians, but other Latin American contributors.

The main goal of LaKademy is to promote personal meetings of KDE Latin American community, allowing moments of immersion in community projects. LaKademy aims to be a space of:

  • Exchange of ideas about projects and initiatives between different members of the community;
  • Hacking sessions in which contributors put their hands on projects;
  • Planning future actions for KDE in Latin America and the world;
  • Presentation of the project for new and potential contributors.